Soneco® is our patented water treatment technology that is uniquely sustainable and energy efficient when compared to the competition. 

What makes Soneco® unique? It features the world's first built-in passivation treatment and passivation cleaning process technology. 


What is electrode passivation and how is Soneco® resistant to it?

Electrocoagulation relies on the use of sacrificial anodes to treat waste water e.g. industrial water, sewage treatment.  

During the treatment process, these anodes become fouled, reducing treatment capability and efficiency whilst increasing the power demand. Eventually, they will need to be replaced.  

Being passivation resistant due to our built-in passivation treatment technology, Soneco® systems require far fewer electrode replacements, saving you time, energy, and money. 


How can passivation be stopped/How to remove passivation layer? 

Soneco® patented ultrasound technology within the system acts as a passivation cleaning process that prevents the build-up of contaminants on the surface of the anodes (passivation layer) during the water and wastewater treatment process. 

What does a passivation-proof electrocoagulation reactor mean for you?  

Inherently, electrodes become fouled and need rigorous cleaning to resume effective treatment. This means anodes will need to be replaced more often. 

At Power & Water, we ensure Soneco® systems save you money on electrode replacements by extending electrode life with passivation treatment, and reducing labour costs.  

Fouled electrodes require more power to operate as designed. With the Soneco® passivation cleaning process and predictive maintenance software, power demand will stay consistent throughout the extended life of the electrodes.  


Changing the material of the electrodes allows you to treat a variety of waste streams. You can read more about our Soneco® processes on our processes page. Here are a list of materials with their corresponding processes:

Aluminium (Electro Coagulation)

Iron (Electro Coagulation)

Magnesium (Electro Hydroxide)

Mixed Metal Oxides (Advanced Oxidation Process)

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