P&W are working on innovative slurry dewatering and purification solutions through 'Prosiect Slyri Project' to enable better slurry pollution abatement in Wales and beyond: 

  • Nutrient recovery (NVZ’s)
  • Recalcitrant Organics
  • Pathogens
  • Water Recycling & Re-Use
  • Run-off Water
  • Sludge Enrichment

  • Find out more in our Case Study for Slurry Dewatering & Purification


    “With the intensification of the dairy industry, slurry management is becoming an increasing issue for farmers and the environment. There is an increasing demand and need to efficiently extract nutrients and clean water from slurry, this in turn could save on the cost of commercial fertilisers and reduce serious environmental impact. Poor slurry management can cause pollution with nutrients entering the water cycle through run-off or drainage. We are delighted to be working with Power & Water to design, develop and validate an economically viable system to help alleviate the issues."

    Farms and Project  Manager - Gelli Aur Farm
    Coleg Sir Gâr Agriculture Resource Centre