Mine water treatment and groundwater treatment technologies for mining wastewater and acid mine drainage using an environmentally safe and more sustainable solution.


Soneco®, our liquid chemical-free water treatment system, is the most sustainable, effective, and safe solution for your mining water and groundwater treatment needs. It offers all of the perks of electrochemical water treatment (high effectiveness, liquid chemical-free) without any of the flaws (high energy consumption, regular maintenance).  

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Our Soneco® system offers you superior mining wastewater and acid mine drainage treatment, treatment to the groundwater remediation technologies of other soil and groundwater remediation companies.  

Using Soneco® can provide you with the following benefits: 

  1. Suitability for rugged, remote locations 
  2. Wide treatment potential  
  3. Safer means to neutralise acid mine drainage 
  4. Potential to power using renewables 
  5. Selective metal recovery


With our Soneco® mine water treatment plant, we can provide your business with the following mining wastewater treatment needs: 

  1. Chemical-free pH neutralisation 
  2. Removal of metals and refractory materials 
  3. Acid mine drainage 
  4. Ore floatation 
  5. Recovery of fines 

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“Power and Water employees have gone the extra mile with delivery and innovation to support our ambitious programme, which aspires to provide treatment of polluting metal mine water discharges and generate better river water quality with richer and more diverse ecology. Preliminary results are very encouraging, and we are excited at the prospect of adding this Sono-electrochemical method as another tool. Its spatial footprint is small and therefore particularly suitable to rugged upland locations where large passive pond systems require flatter land that is often in short supply.

Peter Stanley - Water and Contaminated Land Technical Specialist
Natural Resources Wales (NRW)