Aquaculture water and wastewater treatment for fish processing, aquaculture farming, and fish farming companies to meet discharge consents. 


Soneco®, our liquid chemical-free water treatment system, offers a uniquely efficient and effective aquaculture water treatment within the aquaculture sector. It offers the many benefits of electrochemical water treatment (high effectiveness, liquid chemical-free, safe, sustainable), without the common drawbacks (high energy consumption, regular maintenance). With our solution, we can help sea farms, as well as on-shore farming sites, meet discharge consents to improve fish processing for aquaculture farms and help build circular economies by capturing fish waste for reuse as biofuel.

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Using a Soneco® system for your aquaculture wastewater treatment needs will benefit your fish farming business in the following way: 

  1. Increasing your production opportunity 
  2. Reducing your sludge volume and transport requirements
  3. Providing water treatment for sensitive areas (AONB, SSI etc) 
  4. Offers you a more sustainable aquaculture waste management solution 
  5. Can provide a key element to your circular economy needs


With Soneco® we can provide your business with the following sustainable aquaculture water treatment needs: 

  1. Nutrient Recovery 
  2. Water Recovery and Re-Use 
  3. Ammonia Reduction 
  4. Organics Removal 
  5. Sludge Enrichment 
  6. Can play a key role in the circular economy

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    “This is a resource which cannot normally be used as fertiliser in food production due to heavy metals and chemical polymers for sludge purification and is regarded as a waste. We turn it into approved fertilisers without the use of chemicals and without creating hazardous by-products. We are  absolutely pleased… I have been working in the aquaculture industry since 1995 and have tried several cleaning solutions…this is the first facility I have had that achieves the results we were promised'. 

    CEO, Waste Processing Facility & Aquaculture Installation