22 March 2022

Power & Water are delighted to be chosen as a winner to work on Ofwat's WaterBreakthroughChallenge of 'Alternative approaches to Phosphorus removal on rural WwTWs'. This project perfectly complements the work we are already undertaking with many of the Water Companies. 

Following on from the UK Water Industry Research (UKWIR) 'Chemical Investigations Programme' #CIP2 where we participated with Southern Water and our non-liquid-chemical solution, Soneco®, was validated as a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly method of phosphorus removal suitable for uptake in the industry, this is a really exciting and pertinent project for us.

We fully support the need for the Water Industry to take swift action to enable implementation of such technologies to achieve the reduction-to-elimination of liquid and hazardous chemicals used for Phosphorus Removal, and in particular, the solutions for rural treatment works.

Our patented electro-based treatment solution fits the bill nicely for small-to-medium treatment works and is more than cost-competitive when whole life costs including upgrade to works and additional requirements are considered with the traditional removal options.

We are keen to show what our sono-electrocogulation system, Soneco®, is capable of, and that this stagnation can be overcome with tangible benefits on performance, operational and embodied carbon, environmental and health and safety improvements, and demonstrate that wastewater treatment can be revolutionised.

If you would like to learn more before the demonstration begins, please get in touch on info@powerandwater.com (we have the data to confirm our findings), we would be happy to discuss how this revolution can be achieved for your company.

Some commonly accepted challenges include shortage in supply, variability in the quality of the coagulants, increasing costs due to this lack of availability and widening supply chain issues; the need for more tanker drivers to deliver chemicals and clean water to site and the negative impact these 'musts' have on rural communities, the water companies and their customers; the ever increasing health and safety and operator requirements of storing and handling hazardous chemicals... the list goes on!!

Why be second in the race, when you could be first?

When does the future become the present?

We hope this project will enlighten the marketplace. We believe the industry has awoken to the damaging effect on the environment and economy if continuing with traditional methods of chemical coagulation.

As Ofwat highlight in the video, with predicted consumption of coagulants for P removal expected to more than double by 2025, this issue will not go away and more sustainable solutions must to be implemented! #nochemicals #cleantechnologies #workingtogetherfortomorrow

We can't wait to get going - Check the competition out here or read more about our Phosphorus Removal credentials.