11 February 2022

The balance between meeting the world’s growing demand for seafood, and doing so sustainably, presents many challenges. Power & Water are proud to be associated and working with like-minded companies, committed to ensuring the safety and sustainability of aquaculture fish farming.

The largest demand for seafood is placed on salmon producers across the globe and with fish health, welfare and the environment being paramount. We must congratulate future-conscious companies like Mowi, who are doing all they can in this respect whilst solidifying the increase in value of Atlantic Salmon. Considering that less than 1% of world’s supply now comes from caught wild salmon, this is no mean feat!

“Supplying the increase in demand with a big expansion of farmed salmon, as pioneered by Norway and Chile, wouldn’t be feasible because of the environmental side effects and inefficiencies of a species so high up the food chain, says Crona. Salmon farming has been linked with water pollution, overfishing to feed them and spreading parasites to wild fish.” Read more: https://www.newscientist.com/a... 

As in the example highlighted in the article shared by Fish Focus, the threat of sea lice is real, and the consequences are proving to be devastating for the commercial salmon farming industry and surrounding environments. Companies we work with such as Ocean Matters and Mowi Penmon already lead in presenting better alternatives to prevent sea lice without harming the environment or the salmon. They achieve this by rearing Cleanerfish - the two types we have seen in production are Lumpfish and Ballan Wrasse.

Ocean Matters, based in Anglesey, Wales, is the largest lumpfish producer in the UK, and the largest RAS lumpfish farm in the world, with the ability to produce upwards of 4 million deployable lumpfish annually. They believe that cleanerfish are part of a long-term health management solution and is the most sustainable and customer-preferred option to combat sea lice.

Like any other fish farming environment, water utilisation is high, and returned to the environment. Power & Water, are committed to providing the same level of environmental awareness, consideration, and precision into our technology to service the various applications in aquaculture. 

Whether the source of waste is from cleanerfish production, discharge from RAS or Flow-through farms, across all levels of salmon growth stages from Fry (Starting feed) through the on-growing of Parr to Smolt and Post-smolt phase; at On-shore and Land-based farms, there is a solution we can offer to maintain or introduce strict emission control. The same is true for all species, not just salmon – we are seeing a big increase in the variance across freshwater and saltwater species being farmed for food and non-food sectors and the requirements surrounding these farms.

We work with infrastructure design companies and fish farmers alike, treating their effluent to meet discharge consents, and conditioning the solids removed to reduce sludge volumes. We consider the circular economy model and ways in which we can help our client achieve that for themselves. If an outlet can be found for the waste, we will encourage this to reduce over-reliance on supply chain materials and save our clients significant money on storage and transporting of high sludge volumes. As volumes can be so high, there is the case for substantial off-setting and reducing carbon, creation of heat and electricity and potential for real profit from the resource used.

Depending on unique client requirements, we will ensure best practice is implemented in our process solutions which incorporate highly efficient treatment technology with modular, off-site-built Soneco® systems at the forefront.

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