23 July 2018

Video showing Project Animation 

Initial data from an on-farm system that has the potential to reduce slurry volume by up to 80% will be shared with visitors at a joint Prosiectslyri Project and Farming Connect open day at Gelli Aur College farm in Carmarthenshire this August.

The farm, a Farming Innovation Connect Site, is trialling technology that removes the water from slurry and treats the water with an aim to be acceptable for reuse or safe discharge.

That technology will be up and running this month and farmers will get an opportunity to see it in action at the open day on August 31st

The technique developed by Swansea-based Power & Water not only aims to reduce the risk of farms polluting watercourses but to make slurry easier to store and spread.

With the slurry produced by the herd at Gelli Aur stored in three tanks with a capacity of approximately 1 million gallons, farm manager John Owen says the potential is enormous.

Slurry storage is an issue on dairy farms, whatever the system, he says. “We run an extensive grass-based system but have a considerable amount of slurry to control during certain months.’’

During the open day, there will be four work stations to highlight environmental nutrient management and good practice and the legislation regarding slurry storage and capacity.

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31/08/18 - Gelli Aur, Llandeilo, SA32 8NJ