20 July 2018

Power & Water patented Soneco technology export to Norway, is adding value to a sustainable waste management plant for land based aquaculture.

The new sludge cleaning plant, developed using Soneco technology processes fish sludge into usable fertiliser without liquid chemicals, polymers and filters.

The system therefore, produces a stable, nutrient-rich sludge suitable for re-use and re-sale.

"This is a resource that cannot normally be used as fertiliser in food production due to heavy metals and chemical polymers from sludge purification and is regarded as waste. We turn it into approved fertilisers without the use of chemicals or hazardous by-products" says Steinar Wasmuth, General Manager, Bioretur.

He believes the plant represents something new for land based smolt and salmon production facilities that require cleaning of the discharge water.

“About 20 percent of all feed ends up as sludge and there are enormous quantities. The cleaning module can handle up to 40 cubic meters of water per hour. Not only is the sludge removed in a clean and efficient way, but we process it and recirculate it back to nature" he says.

First plant performing as promised

The CEO of Erko Settefisk, Rune Sandvik, is impressed by the new treatment plant. "We are absolutely pleased so far. I have been working in the aquaculture industry since 1995 and have tried several cleaning solutions. This is the first facility I have had that achieves the results that were promised" he says. He is pleased to be able to recycle the fish sludge production at the fish farm.